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History is not what we’re taught in our schools – a linear March of Progress, from primitive beginning to our enlightened selves with our hydrogen bombs and our bobblehead dolls. What we are taught is effectively a 19th Century fabrication; a White Supremacist, Eurocentric con job.

History is actually a cycle, a very long cycle. This was understood by Plato, who talked about a Golden Age, a Silver Age, a Bronze Age and an Iron (or Dark) Age. This is paralleled, but in more detail in the Vedic/Hindu and its doctrine of the ‘Yugas’. Other ancient civilizations and the myths and legends of other peoples around the world project a similar understanding. The much-discussed Mayan 2012 prophecy is another expression of history as a cycle.

In PF8 we look long and hard at this concept, demonstrate it’s validity and contrast it point by point with the central dogma of what I like to call our Church of Progress.
The C of P may assure us we are the most evolved beings ever to inhabit the planet, but anyone aware of our actual global state (both inner and outer) might question this conviction. And there is evidence galore to support such a contrary view.
Where are we within the cycle? Which ‘Yuga’ are we actually ‘in’ ? And what (if anything) is there that we can do to act upon our understanding and extricate ourselves from the dilemma we’re in?
I am author of the month on Graham Hancock's website, there you can find an essay relating to the Yugas and the cyclical view of history.

Some useful links: Richard Heinberg Sri Yukteswar



vobwa said...

Brilliant show,love it, and your ideas.
Keep it up, and your position as the thorn
in the side of the C of P.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting long! Great! Can't wait to listen!

lbarry said...

Hi John,
just want you to know I am listening to your "consider the yuga" show, and I understand the wolf repellent thing, you have it figured out better than I do..

Thank you so much for doing these shows. I bought the Magical Egypt tours and am an avid fan.
I will link to your shows from my blog

Anonymous said...

It might be that a 'dark yuga' is refering to the location of whatever celestial body (in our case, the Earth) is in relation to other areas of the cosmos; maybe there are tendencies to become stupid when no energies of certain areas reach the physical locale you happen to be on.

And then all of the things about going beyond the limits of just the galactic mind, and beyond the universal mind, make even more practical sense - for if you have those links open then it doesn't matter what part of the cycle you are in, you won't forget things.

On more than one occaison I've thought that because so much of 'progress' turns a blind eye to the ruins of older times and what they signify, they are setting themselves up for another fall. It's quite disturbing the amount of important centers of the modern world are sited on places like major fault lines; it's certainly not where I'd put major centers of production for a global economy.
I'd have picked inland, not on fault lines or in the path of active volcanos, and not disturbing the environment any either.

It's a wonder anyone remembers anything at all; three generations of 'progress' and most of us don't even know how to build a basic house anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your show so far. You're elegant prose and sharp wit paired with the profound knowledge you impart make for a truly alluring experience. I have listened to every show thrice and I can't wait to here more.

I am slightly disappointed the Podcast links still aren't sorted. I understand your a very busy man and you aren't being paid for this so I can definitely sympathize. Consider this a gentle prodding.

Also, I was on your site ready to order some books when I found the link leads to a blank page.

If you need a hand with the web stuff let me know.


>I have thoroughly enjoyed your >show so far. You're elegant prose >and sharp wit paired with the >profound knowledge you impart make >for a truly alluring experience. I >have listened to every show thrice >and I can't wait to here more.

Thanks, Dylan. More coming up soon ...well, eventually!

>I am slightly disappointed the >Podcast links still aren't sorted.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'sorted'. .

>I understand your a very busy >man and you aren't being paid for >this so I can definitely >sympathize. Consider this a gentle >prodding.

I'm prodded ... and will see what I can do, once I understand what 'sorted' means.

>Also, I was on your site ready >to order some books when I found >the link leads to a blank page.

Up to now it's always worked. But someone else complained to me about that today, and when I try to pull it up now I also get a blank. My webmaster, however, seems to have no problem when he clicks. I'll see if he can solve this.

>If you need a hand with the >web stuff let me know.

Thanks for the offer, but mostly my webmaster can handle it. Is that your field of expertise? If so let me know because there's one big problem my webmaster can't deal with and which I understand is very tricky - which is getting my Sphinx video and the others up on a ppv basis. I had someone who was supposed to be doing this, but she disappeared on me in mid stream. And I've not been able to find anyone who knows how it's done.

Thanks again for your interest and support.


Unknown said...

Hello John.

I have very much enjoyed these audio dissertations, look forward to listening to future editions as they become available. I would pay to hear these were it requested. Thanks very much for these history lessons.


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your willingness to pay a subscription fee, but I think I'll keep them gratis. However, maybe I'll ask people to donate to my Ancient Wisdom Foundation if they feel so inclined, and if I can figure out a way to put up an easy-to-use link. Good idea.

Also, make sure you sign on to my mailing list so that you get a notice when a new PF show goes up.


James Cates said...

Mr. West,

I'm glad to finally have the opportunity to tell you that you have more avid listeners than you probably know and that the episodes have been brilliant listening!

Thanks for all the work you've done.

James Cates

Anonymous said...

John, just count the amount of individual downloads of your podcasts and their you have it, that's your basic listener base.

I don't need to mention, but I will...
Enjoying your shows!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Enjoying your phoenixfire shows a lot and like a lot of your listeners would be happy to pay some fee to listen in, if you should choose to take that path.

Regarding the Kali Yuga programme, correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall you saying that it was difficult to determine at what stage of the cycle/age we were at.

My thoughts are that if we look at each age or cycle in terms of spiritual rise and fall, rather than technological rise and fall then it's possible that we are presently at the bottom of the trough or pit. So although the Dark Ages were a pretty rough time, we really are the 'pits'.

In a time where parents abuse and murder their own children, I can't really imagine things any worse than they are now. The only thing that would move us beyond the pale would be total mind control of humanity by the powers that be, i.e. No free will whatsoever. At that point there would cease to be any reason for existence/incarnation.

On the bright side, if we are at the bottom then we can only go up from here on.
Anthony Z

Anonymous said...

Hi John, I love your work!

Here's my take:

I think it makes the most sense to use the 25,800 year precessional cycle as the "Great Year" cycle, rather than the yuga cycles, which are simply strange.

I also think that the universe is fractal, in that we can extrapolate the larger from the smaller. "As above, so below," as they say.

If we consider this cycle to be the 'Great Year,' then we are now at the opposite point of Leo, so whatever was happening in Leo, the opposite is now happening. It seems to me that Leo marks the beginning of the 'descent' into agricultural , territorial, warfare based civilization. I would put the fall equinox between Virgo and Leo, which would make the border of Pisces/Aquarius (now) the Spring Equinox.

Keeping in mind "As above, so below," the vernal equinox is clearly the battleground between winter and summer, when characteristics of both seasons are very present. There can be both warm sun and frigid storms.

The evidence seems overwhelming to me that we are at such a civilizational barrier. Despite the great darkness, I think it's also possible that, for example, warfare will soon be impossible because all parties will be communicating through the internet directly.

My theory would put the "Dark Age" about 4300 B.C. I wonder how that matches up with your research into Egypt? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Also, now being the vernal equinox also matches nicely with the Mayan 2012 theories, as old calendars started the new year at the vernal equinox, although the 2012 date has to do with alignment with the center of the milky way rather than the changing of astronomical ages. Still, it's interesting to the that the dates are so close.

Anonymous said...

Great podcasts, please keep them coming. We can all learn a lot from listening to "village elders" such as yourself. Youngsters need it now more than ever! ;-)

Thanks and all the best!

Duno said...

Thankyou Voice OF Egypt.08.08.08.I want to thank you.You know Here Down Under we get you loud and clear.I am in tune with what you are saying and enjoy the Spirit
you deliver with. Soon I will make my way to your Magical Egypt Tour Just one more building and free to come . I as a builder cant wait to share with you some more secrets,the Ones in Stone. Duno

Anonymous said...

Positive feedback from Brazil!

Thank you very much for your efforts and willingness to share your experiences, we appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Aways listen to this while painting, exercizing, or walking. Substance!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found your blog, I'm a fan of Edgar Cayce and through my interest in that have seen your video on the sphinx. I'm interested in what you have to say, so please do these shows! Just want to let you know there are listeners out there.
Keep up the good work! =)

Salt Lake City, UT

pete said...


Thanks for your excellent work, and for these shows. I have just listened to show #8.

As a student of Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings, I appreciate your reference to Sri Yukteswar's book, "The Holy Science". But to me, the section on the yugas is not as important as the rest of the book, in which Sri Yukteswar discusses the goal of life and how to achieve it.

You make an excellent point about how the ancient civilizations emphasize the eternal nature of the soul. We can focus on this truth in our individual lives, even during these dark times.

Yogananda and other great spiritual masters teach that the ultimate fulfillment is to be found within, not in the external world.

Yes, we have a role to play in the world, and we must do our best to make it a better place, but we can also experience that golden age right now within ourselves by the practice of yoga.

The Social Reformer said...

well said my friend

Anonymous said...

Dear John :)

good to hear your uncompromising voice. Didn't know much about you before, except from your book "Serpent in the Sky".

Carry on, there might be some intelligent life on this planet ;)

Alexander :)

Wrongo Nerveman said...

you've seen the 'site meter' on your site by now, i presume - it seems you're averaging 61 visits per day to this blog - 7,000 so far (as of xmas '08) - and over 400 visitors in the week before new year's

i'd say those are pretty good numbers - like giving a lecture to 400 people every week, without having to leave your home, and only giving the lecture when you feel like it

thanks for doing this!

Unknown said...

I've started lisetning to your PhoenixFire shows recently. But I did find out about your work, the re-dating of Pyramids of Giza, mainly, quite a few months ago. I had thought I'd left a comment on here before but turns out not! So, here's one more of your avid "followers" :).

Unknown said...

Sorry, made a REALLY embarrasing mistake in my earlier comment ><. Re-dating of SPHINX and not the Great Pyramids!!!

Sapai said...

Hello, John Anthony. I'm going to be sending an email when I have time to collect my thoughts. Really enjoy your material!

In case no one has answered your question, in order to offer your vids PPV you need "shopping cart" software. There are MANY. I will check with my geek friends and see if they recommend a specific one.

Sounds like a plan. Please keep Phoenix Fire free if you can.

Daniel Ragnarsson said...

I used to like more tooth brush multi-colored paste rather than bobblehead dolls since I´m spanish and i find it more universal. ¡But I´m loving your blog John!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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