Sunday, February 13, 2011


As some of you may know, John has been with a group in Egypt during the uprising.
This is to let you know that we will be finally getting around to PhoenixFire 10 in a few weeks.
In this John will tell the story behind this extraordinary trip during these historic times in Egypt.
Watch this space.....


This in from John:

"We're OK. Having to change plans to cope with contingencies, but carrying on. In Cairo now, having spent 7 days sailing up the Nile on Mohamed's luxury dahabiyya (16-cabin private cruise-boat) and far from the line of fire. We have had all temples along the way entirely to ourselves.
All this because we are studiously ignoring dire warnings from our government and carefully following
JAW's Rule #1 for living safely and happily which is: Pay no attention to anything the govt tells you that relates to your safety and happiness. Ever!
Back in Cairo now we are the only guests at the Mena House. Off for our private visit to the Sphinx soon. We may be getting a lot of press. Anyhow, lots of brownie points with Zahi, which will be useful.
We have no fear of the "streets'. Don't believe the BS from the media. As long as you don't go down Protestor Street, there is little danger. The media are disgusting, to say nothing of our (and almost everyone's else's) government.. They have single handedly destroyed Egypt's largest source of income for months to come. There was no need for that idiotic mass exodus. Any competent tour operator could have done something more or less like what Mohamed did, and at least a percentage of the people would have stayed.
We're off tomorrow providing last night's Mubarak bombshell doesn't ignite the entire country.
I will be doing some sort of major write-up soon and sending it to my mailing list."