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Sunday, May 22, 2011


The Five Star Revolution, The Trends Journal & Gold


Hello, loyal PhoenixFire listeners (if, indeed, there are any of you left after this interminable hiatus!)
I know, I know … it has been a very long time between PhoenixFire conflagrations. It could not be helped. Apart from a severe protracted bout of genetically- induced procrastinitis (for which there is no known cure), I have been even more swamped with work than at any time in my already extended years. Everyone else my age is spending their days playing with grandchildren, or even grandchildren and fishing or playing golf while attending the funeral s of old friends … I can’t seem to find time to get to my own audio blogs … much less get my own work done efficiently or sequentially. There is no way around it.
Anyway, here is the latest, and it is to a considerable extent taken up by long explanations about why it’s taken all this time to produce it! Which is not mere self-indulgence, but rather relates directly or indirectly to many PhoenixFire basic s.
Re: Egypt: through no fault of my own, not even precognition, I found myself there with a group from the very beginning of the January revolution to the day Mubarak was forced to step down. The circumstances were such that I was given the opportunity to put to the test one of my fundamental rules for living safely and happily, which is: to studiously ignore any directives put out by our government designed to promote my safety and happiness, and also to view with automatic and grave suspicion anything broadcast or printed by the mainstream media until personally verified or at least supported by other trustworthy sources. It is –I like to think – not only an entertaining story in its own right but can also serve as something of an object lesson in how to react independently to government scare-mongering and media sensationalism
The Trends Journal . For almost thirty years, off and on, I have been working with my friend and colleague, trend analyst, Gerald Celente, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute . In the 90’s we co-wrote a book called TRENDS 2000. Most of what we forecast then (and were ignored and/or derided for) has now come home, or is on the verge of coming home, to roost. Over the last couple of years, Celente has been increasingly in demand and in the public eye -- since it is now indisputable that on many important issues, he has been right when almost everyone else, especially in positions of authority, have been dead wrong.

So, in my role as Executive Editor of The Trends Journal and Writer/Philosopher/Historian (and sometimes Comedian)-in-Residence. I have been devoting a major slice of my time to The Trends Journal and its various related activities, all of which relate, sometimes directly, more often indirectly, to the doctrine of the Return to the Source that fueled the great civilization of Ancient Egypt (and, evidently, in one form or another, all other mystically-based ancient civilizations as well). At the same time, closely following the trends of the present and forecasting from them, relates to the manner in which ancient Symbolist Egypt might apply to our swiftly deliquescing present, the imminent demise of Empire America and, with luck, the ultimate crumbling of our bogus and malevolent but still powerful Church of Progress. All of which iis discussed in PhoenixFire 10.

A word of advice: to prepare for what is coming up in, consider subscribing to The Trends Journal. There’s nothing quite like it.

3. Gold. One of the few secure ways to survive the wrath to come is have a supply of physical gold or silver (the commodities most certain to retain value no matter what happens) and/or to have a stake in promising mining stocks. There is one that has come my way that is, for a variety of reasons (which I talk about in PF10) particularly interesting.

4. Zep Tepi and the Origins of Human Civilization. Not discussed (because it’s only blossomed in the last couple of weeks after PF10 had already been recorded) but of very real interest to all who take an interest in Symbolist Egypt and all that it pertains to, is our long-awaited sequel to Mystery of the Sphinx, (Amazon UK and Amazon US). We believe we have the funding in place for this ambitious and exhilarating project, curiously and providentially timed to coincide with the dissolution of just about everything most of us have been brought up to believe is “normal”. Stay tuned for further news on this, and meanwhile tune in to PhoenixFire 10. Enjoy!


John Anthony West

PS. As noted above, I am unbelievably busy these days but am always happy to hear from people, and always find a way to at least read my emails. But I may not be able to answer them, not in any detail at any rate. So if you write and don’t get an answer or even an acknowledgment, please understand it is not a deliberate slight.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


As some of you may know, John has been with a group in Egypt during the uprising.
This is to let you know that we will be finally getting around to PhoenixFire 10 in a few weeks.
In this John will tell the story behind this extraordinary trip during these historic times in Egypt.
Watch this space.....


This in from John:

"We're OK. Having to change plans to cope with contingencies, but carrying on. In Cairo now, having spent 7 days sailing up the Nile on Mohamed's luxury dahabiyya (16-cabin private cruise-boat) and far from the line of fire. We have had all temples along the way entirely to ourselves.
All this because we are studiously ignoring dire warnings from our government and carefully following
JAW's Rule #1 for living safely and happily which is: Pay no attention to anything the govt tells you that relates to your safety and happiness. Ever!
Back in Cairo now we are the only guests at the Mena House. Off for our private visit to the Sphinx soon. We may be getting a lot of press. Anyhow, lots of brownie points with Zahi, which will be useful.
We have no fear of the "streets'. Don't believe the BS from the media. As long as you don't go down Protestor Street, there is little danger. The media are disgusting, to say nothing of our (and almost everyone's else's) government.. They have single handedly destroyed Egypt's largest source of income for months to come. There was no need for that idiotic mass exodus. Any competent tour operator could have done something more or less like what Mohamed did, and at least a percentage of the people would have stayed.
We're off tomorrow providing last night's Mubarak bombshell doesn't ignite the entire country.
I will be doing some sort of major write-up soon and sending it to my mailing list."

Monday, December 22, 2008




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Everyone is familiar with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, though not all know their pedigree. It’s the name given to the revelation of the future granted to St John on the Isle of Patmos. The horsemen themselves are Pestilence, War, Famine and Death (not necessarily in that order, depending upon which reference is consulted.) Their names (which might disincline people from wanting to bet on them in the Kentucky Derby) have made the word ‘apocalypse’ almost synonymous with Doomsday, which is, strictly speaking, incorrect. It derives from a Greek word meaning to ‘reveal’ or ‘disclose’ and by extension , it means a prophesy or vision of the future, not necessarily an ominous one.

Doomsday is quite another matter, more appropriately linked to another familiar word from Revelation, Armageddon, the site of the final decisive battle on the Day of Judgment, in which the Lamb bests the Whore of Babylon … and throngs of otherwise certifiable people are whisked off to heaven. It’s not easy to make rational sense out of Revelation (which doesn’t mean it can’t make sense on some other level) but it does read like it’s been written on something at least as potent as ayahuasca, though there’s no record of John visiting the Brazilian rainforest. On the other hand, who knows what they had growing on Patmos?

In any event, The Four Horsemen are pretty obvious. They ‘ve been around and universally active since long before St. John’s time and still are; no surprises there, and no need for further elaboration beyond perhaps noting that of the four, only War is directly attributable to errant, defiant, violent humanity. Unless, of course, it is argued (and so it is by some) that the other three horsemen are set loose in divine retribution; for a variety of human abominations –homosexuality, pre-marital sex, smoking or ingesting illegal substances, not wearing a seat belt, and so on.

The Four Cowboys of Apocalypse 2.0 are much less obvious, yet in one way or another they aid and abet the original Four. In the Walt Disney 3D, HD Western/Action-Thriller/Horror/Farce called Western Civilization, they are the self-appointed posse, riding white geldings; wearing white Stetsons, galloping roughshod over the globe and spreading ‘tidings of comfort and joy’.

When examined closely, The Four Cowboys are no less destructive than the original Four Horsemen, maybe ultimately more so since they come in disguise. All of them are played, with characteristic ineptitude, by John Wayne. They differ from the Four Horsemen in that they are all, each one, directly and unmistakably human generated.

They are: Capitalism, Patriotism, Democracy and Technology

In PhoenixFire 9 (and 10, and maybe 11) we deal with them in turn.

The role of Capitalism is easiest to understand, almost obvious in fact, except to the leaders and economists of almost every country in the world. This Cowboy occupies the whole of PF9, which may sound excessive, but is nevertheless appropriate, since it is this Cowboy that is largely responsible for the financial debacle now unfolding globally, and from which there is no foreseeable release or return.

The other three Cowboys will be discussed in subsequent PhoenixFires.

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Featured music track "Shake" by Stepford Wives

The Emperor's new clothes (Con't.) a short story by JAW
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Omni magazine

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Friday, March 28, 2008



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History is not what we’re taught in our schools – a linear March of Progress, from primitive beginning to our enlightened selves with our hydrogen bombs and our bobblehead dolls. What we are taught is effectively a 19th Century fabrication; a White Supremacist, Eurocentric con job.

History is actually a cycle, a very long cycle. This was understood by Plato, who talked about a Golden Age, a Silver Age, a Bronze Age and an Iron (or Dark) Age. This is paralleled, but in more detail in the Vedic/Hindu and its doctrine of the ‘Yugas’. Other ancient civilizations and the myths and legends of other peoples around the world project a similar understanding. The much-discussed Mayan 2012 prophecy is another expression of history as a cycle.

In PF8 we look long and hard at this concept, demonstrate it’s validity and contrast it point by point with the central dogma of what I like to call our Church of Progress.
The C of P may assure us we are the most evolved beings ever to inhabit the planet, but anyone aware of our actual global state (both inner and outer) might question this conviction. And there is evidence galore to support such a contrary view.
Where are we within the cycle? Which ‘Yuga’ are we actually ‘in’ ? And what (if anything) is there that we can do to act upon our understanding and extricate ourselves from the dilemma we’re in?
I am author of the month on Graham Hancock's website, there you can find an essay relating to the Yugas and the cyclical view of history.

Some useful links: Richard Heinberg Sri Yukteswar