Monday, April 30, 2007


Son of Mystery of the Sphinx, Part 4,

The Book of Boris, Chapter 2.

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…begins to sound almost like Quackademic Scholarship, doesn’t it? All that’s missing are unreadable, microscopic footnotes, meaningless or irrelevant references, a 90 page inflated, Big Think bibliography and an index… anyway…sorry for the delay in getting this show completed.

Here we conclude our Son of Mystery of the Sphinx saga, initially intended as a single episode telling the long, convoluted, often frustrating, sometimes amusing, but always eventful history of the Sphinx Theory.

But what happened was that once the mnemonic buttons were pressed, long submerged material deposited in the Long Term Memory Bank over two and half decades surfaced; one thing led to another, and, voila!, we ended up with four shows. Yet, even these were compressed. At the end of each show, I’d suddenly remember all sorts of relevant things that hadn’t found their way into my pre-prepared rough outline (intended initially to keep me –as is my wont- from wandering so far off the appointed topic that I’d never find my way back). This might not have been such a bad thing, actually! I might have needed another couple of shows just to incorporate those belatedly-recalled stories, and this way I can save them for the book that will ultimately come out of all this. I hope.

So… in this, our concluding SOMS chapter, we return to Boris and his endless criminal-cum-sociopathic shenanigans, his whopping lies, his sabotage, his temper, his ceaseless energy, his charisma at crucial times, his raw humor…the whole mixed psychological bag that was Boris, but never forgetting for a moment that without him there would be no Mystery of the Sphinx story to tell.

There are, however, no saving graces attending an underhanded attempt to steal our decades of painstaking research from us and claim the (un)discovery of the Hall of Records for themselves. There are a few anecdotes about a handful of irresponsible and highly unprofessional journalistic jackals trashing our Sphinx Theory without ever looking at our evidence or consulting us for our side of the controversy. There’s the bizarre, maybe miraculous, détente and ultimate personal reconciliation with the fiery and redoubtable Zahi Hawass; the plan for our Geo-Panel which we hope will settle this question of water weathering once and for all, and much else besides…

Finally, I mention early in this podcast, the CPAK conference, click here for more information.



Anonymous said...

Do you know when the show will return?

Anonymous said...

Pre-2000 there was a lot of video footage and articles about the Sphinx and the Giza complex in general; however I keep finding a scarity of all these most interesting findings thesedays.
I have no idea if they're included in the DVD here as I have yet to see it, and I can't get listening to podcasts here at the moment. Just to list some of the things I read and heard of and saw photos and videos from:

discovery of a flooded area beneath the Giza complex, with all manner of building constructs. People were labelling it something to do with Osiris.

the Sphinx's head almost fell off, or actually did fall off, and scaffolding was put up around it. Some said the head was covering over something else - but I didn't actually see any images or video of what was said to be underneath it.

the Hall of Records was found under the right front paw of the Sphinx.

there's a cylindrical shaft, looking like a deep well, a mile or so out from the Sphinx and pyramids.

A couple of things: a good few years prior to 2000, sometime in the 90s, a UK TV channel broadcast a live show (at least some parts were live) where they sent a robot vehicle into the then unexplored shafts in the 'Cheops' pyramid; the robot came up to a door that had a handle on it and wasn't able to get any further. Since the team (which included Hawass) didn't expect what they would find, they didn't attempt to open the door etc on the TV show there and then.

Fair enough yeah - but some years later, I see that same exact TV show - same robot, same shaft exploration, finds the same door etc with the handle on it.....and they're saying it's a new discovery that year.
But the show is not a repeat.

So, wtf is going on with that? I started suspecting the earlier TV programme somehow got stuck in one of those "4D timeloops" that I have heard may exist if you venture down into the Pit under the great pyramid.......what is the current story, as to when that shaft and the door were first explored? Has it been opened, was anything found?

Why can't I find any mention anywhere of the extensively photographed and written-up 'Osiris' buildings and flooded area, mentioned above?

I could mention something else here, which is about a well-known TV series that was on in those days too, pre-2000, but - now all the info sources say it began in 2000. But I want to know if anyone else remembers that it used to be on previously, plus it was a little different also to how it is now. I believe there's a link there, as to why / where all the missing Egypt-related (and then some) information, so abundant back then, is now recorded as not having been discovered, or perhaps just forgotten about.

It'd be different say if the world had turned out - better. But as far as I'm concerned it sucks, especially compared to the 90s, so I wish to pursue all these leads that don't add up. There's no way I'm settling for recorded TV history claiming a show wasn't on when it was on every week, for years. Not with the way things have turned out; I refuse to go along with it and pretend I don't remember.

So - anyone, still alive - you remember that far back in time, the 90s? Anything written here ring any bells? Wish to shed any light on these matters? What do you think happened? - don't be shy. It's important.