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"Atlantis here! Atlantis there! Atlantis Everywhere"


John Hurley said...

Excellent! I have really enjoyed your first six podcasts.

Maybe you could do one on Gurdjieff and symbolist Egypt?

Anonymous said...

Great presentation. I look forward to your continued research.

dragontree said...

Well, how soon?

theseus said...

Hello John Anthony...
It has been too long. Exciting news and vindication of you in the recently published findings at Qurta:
Etchings 15,000 years old indeed!
I blogged about it and mentioned you.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting discussion on the topic here, take some 'with a grain of salt' however:

Author Dorothy Cora Moore discuss her contemporary novel, "The Atlanteans" and explain how the mythical land of Atlantis raises fascinating implications in today’s uncertain climate, both socially and globally.



Anonymous said...

An update on "The ARE's Search for Atlantis", with some new Bimini discoveries. [TDG]

Part Two of Three - Discoveries at Bimini: Columns, Marble Building Ruins, and Possible Building Foundations in 100-Feet of Water - By Dr. Greg Little:

Anonymous said...

"Too often I read descriptions of how the Great Pyramid was built or how the ancient builders managed the megalithic stones in Peru that gloss right over the magnitude of these accomplishments. Cutting right to the chase, a modern locomotive engine weighs 200 tons."

- Will Hart

Anonymous said...

Something is Wrong with this Picture!

"Egyptian scholar's claim that it was built in 23 years with stone hammers, cooper chisels, wooden sledges, ramps and manpower. But is this possible? Let's look at the facts and statistics first. The Great Pyramid is estimated to be composed of 2.3 million blocks of stone having a combined mass of 6 million tons. The stone blocks weigh from 1 to 70 tons and the average is about 2.5 tons."

- Will Hart

Anonymous said...

Egyptologists: It is Time to Prove Your Claims
by Will Hart

Egyptologists are displaying irrational and unscientific fixations by stubbornly clinging to ideas that have already been discredited. Mr. Lerhner and Mr. Hawass use every public forum to repeat their unproven speculations about how the ancient (Egyptian) builders quarried, transported, lifted, dressed and precisely positioned blocks of stone weighing from 50 to 200 tons.

The problem is that they have not proven that the primitive tools and methods that they assert the builders used are equal to the task. In fact, several well-documented attempts over the past 30 years have actually failed to replicate what the builders achieved. In the 1970s a Japanese team funded by Nissan tried to build a one-third, scale model of the Great Pyramid using the methods Egyptologists claim the ancient engineers employed. They could not duplicate a single step of the process.

- Will Hart

Anonymous said...

VIDEO - Dr. Robert Shoch

Dr. Robert Shoch is a geologist well known for his research on the Great Sphinx, as well as for his studies of the underwater structure off the coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan, and other ancient sites and studies. He is currently a tenured faculty member at Boston University's College of General Studies where he has taught since 1984. Dr. Schoch completed his graduate work at Yale University, earning a Ph.D. (1983) in geology and geophysics...

Conscious Media Network

Anonymous said...

VIDEO - John Anthony West

We caught up with John at the 2006 CPAK Conference, hosted by Walter Cruttenden, in University of California Irvine where he gave us a spirited interview full of his personal and somewhat candid viewpoints. He makes ancient Egypt so much fun that you wish you could go with him on his next trip.

Conscious Media Network

Anonymous said...

A.R.E.’s Atlantis Search Findings

For some years A.R.E. members and the organization itself have conducted expeditions in search of ruins or any remains of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The newest expeditions have been to Andros. Eight expeditions have been to Andros.

Information / photos / videos:

Anonymous said...

C2CAM Archive:

Atlantis Connections

Journalist and author Will Hart shared his insights into uncovering our cosmic ancestry and connections to Atlantis. The focus should not be on finding Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean, but rather in tracing its influence which is spread out across a number of civilizations, he said. Egypt, in particular, he believes shows signs of Atlantean heritage. The pyramids were built between 10 and 20,000 years ago, he estimated, and once had outer casings on them. They were placed at prime energy points and were used in a kind of technology that interfaced with human consciousness, Hart said.

The Olmecs of Mexico, who mysteriously disappeared, were another civilization that he connected with Atlantis. Some of their artifacts such as highly polished obsidian mirrors may have had paranormal or supernatural uses, he suggested.

He also theorized that the Basque culture of Europe, and the Berbers of Africa have roots in Atlantis. Both groups, live near the Atlantic ocean and have unique physical characteristics that set them apart from their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Early- To Mid-Pleistocene-Age Rocks Found At Shallow
Depth Represent A "Record In The Rocks" Of
The Once Great Continent

Background to the Discovery of a Significant Geological Disconformity at Bimini

Investigating the possible existence of Atlantis can be exhilarating. Especially so when retrieving rock cores from the deck of a drilling barge positioned in the sparkling waters of the Bimini Inlet.

This is the story of a geological investigation conducted by William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle, of The Hutton Commentaries, in March, 2007. The article also covers certain follow-on activities required to document our encounter with a completely unexpected geological disconformity, there in the carbonate-rock and sediment strata beneath the Bimini Islands. Fossil coral ages and a C-14 date lend credence to a statement made in an Edgar Cayce psychic reading which indicates that evidence of Atlantis may be found in Bimini...

Hutton Commentaries website:

Anonymous said...

In the year 2000, Andrew Collins published Gateway to Atlantis, proposing that the impact of a comet over the North America resulted in the end of the ice age 10,900 years ago, and destroyed Atlantis, an island empire in the Atlantic, in a single night.

Now, incredibly, corroboration has come from a group of scientists who have published in established scientific journals and written a book saying that the very disaster Andrew identified 7 years ago did indeed happen! Of course, they don't address the issue of Atlantis, but they have proved that the catastrophe involved was very real.

Listen as Andrew Collins tells William Henry the enthralling story of what really happened in the distant past--and proves where Atlantis must have been.

Dreamland podcast:

Anonymous said...

So, has the show stopped for good?


Apologies to all who have been waiting for PhoenixFire 7. I have been extremely busy lately, but we aim to record it next week.
Thanks for your patience.