Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sorry about the delay with PhoenixFire 6,I have been in Egypt and Brazil, we should be recording the show on the 22nd of April, and it should be posted by the 24th.


gmatteson said...

Hello John.

I, for one, will welcome your return to radio. Your unique manner of story telling certainly holds my attention. I want to hear more of your colorful, sometimes amazing, to me, story.


Gary C. Matteson

MangledMatter said...


Bring on the conflagration!!
I'm interested to know what's next on your itinerary. The proverbial "apple-cart" has been over-turned as far as I'm concerned. For that: Thank you!

Best wishes,

R.D. Culpepper

geometer77 said...

Hi John,

I read your account of "Life with Boris with great interest and some astonishment. A remarkable man, but I am glad that I didn't have to work with him! The whole project seems to have repeatedly teetered on the edge of disaster and the clear evidence of a more ancient culture could have been so easily lost! I look forward eagerly to your next broadcast.

Herbert Bangs