Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Symbolist Egypt - the Meaning Behind the Magic.

The magisterial reinterpretation of ancient Egypt developed by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz (the genius with the unpronouncable name) gives us access to the ancient Egypt of the Egyptians, as opposed to the Egypt of the Egyptologists.

Where the latter see architecturally/artistically talented 'primitives' (compared to ourselves, of course) at work, Schwaller sees, and demonstrates, a prodigious Sacred Science - a science of cosmic principles. What is a 'Cosmic Principle'? That's what we talk about.

At stake is not a vapid quibble between warring academic opinions but rather a total revision and reconsideration of everything we thought we knew about our own human past: who knew what, and when, and why does it matter?

In PhoenixFire 2 we scratch as far below the surface as time allows, but there will be much more, and in more detail, as we go along. Stay tuned.


ladeng012 said...
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Satchi said...

Already, my favourite radio show on the net !
Thanks John Anthony West !!


Steve LeMaster said...

Long time no hear, John.

Glad to see that your projects are moving along.

Any word on the geo-panel?

Steve LeMaster