Saturday, January 13, 2007


Watch a trail of John Anthony West's 8 DVD set called Magical Egypt, created by film maker Chance Gardner, this will give you a small overview of the content of Phoenixfire 2, Symbolist Egypt. Due to the quirkyness of YouTube embedded files, we recommend that after you have pressed play, you pause it and wait a minute or two for some of the stream to download (progressive red bar!), and then press play, otherwise playback is continuously interrupted, we wish this could be sorted out!
The video is just under 10 minutes.


BarbieG said...

What an exciting preview! I await anxiously to learn when Phoenixfire2 will be aired. Don't keep it a secret!
Barbie G.
Chittenden, VT

John Anthony West said...

Thanks for the enthusias, Barbie G. PhoenixFire 2 goes out tonight 8-9 PM on You can get it anytime by clicking on the blog link