Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Welcome to the conflagration!

In this, our maiden and necessarily exploratory episode, we test (if you will pardon the mixed metaphor) the PhoenixFire waters. We list (still provisional) titles of the programs that will take us through the next few months. They are, we hope, sufficiently self-explanatory to convey a preliminary sense of our interests, our aims, who we are and where we stand. And we’ve chosen a representative mix from our menu to talk about in some detail; effectively providing trailers for features to come. If it all sounds appetizing, stay tuned.



Carolyn said...

John -

I am really enjoying your show. Can't wait for the next installment.


Spot said...

I didn't check the list until the show was almost over. The AF quote about the flak being heaviest over the target was a new one for me and I will remember that for sure. Hail Atlantis! It would really be nice if these shows were archived on CD so we could collect them and listen to them in the original format where I'm sure the sound quality would be better.

BarbieG said...

You GO, JAW! Phoenixfire Rocks!
I thoroughly enjoyed your first show Tuesday night. I came away from it feeling enriched and intrigued. Your observations evoke many questions and begin so many ideas swirling about one's mind.
Keep it up.. I'll keep listening!
And yes, please consider offering these shows on CD.. I'll be the first in line (move over, spot!) hehe.

Any chance your autobiography will be available in print? I'll challenge spot to the front-line position on that one, too.

Happy New Year, and we're off to a great start!
--Barbie G.
Chittenden, VT

EdM said...

Good Luck to ya with your new show! I'll be listening in religiously.

With a little luck Chris and I will bump in to ya in Luxor next month.

GIZA said...

Hi John,

I DREAM of winning the lotto so I can give up the Day Job!
When I do you'll have one hell of a sponser!
Until then I'm all ears.

Liverpool, England.