Monday, February 18, 2008


'I can appreciate your impatience, and sympathize with your apparent frustration, but in the midst of my chronic personal chaos and no-less-chronic but presently acute financial pickle, my definition of 'soon' must be 'when I somehow find time to get around to it'.

You, in turn will, I hope, appreciate that you're getting my PhoenixFire shows gratis, and when you get for nothing something you (evidently) consider valuable, you're not really in a position to demand a schedule. (That's a Cosmic Law.)

If you want a more satisfactory definition of 'soon' all you and others tuning in and enjoying PhoenixFire have to do is provide me with the necessary Wolf Repellent to make that a priority for me, in which case you can even exact in return a commitment to a deadline.

That said, I don't blame you for being pissed off!



Anonymous said...

How much Wolf Repellent do you need, and how can we contribute?

Anonymous said...

That being said I've been very happy with the shows, not matter the schedual.
Just as a small token to all of your fans please, if you might return to the same sound quality as Shows 1-6.

Thanks, from your fans.

Anonymous said...

Mr. JAW, I think ur theories and superb and ties in with what the saqqara text say about the actual age of the pyramids/sphinx. If it were not for your passion for knowledge, great works like magical egypt would not be possible. Any way, TYVM

jsm said...

We want Quality John not Quantity.

And on that note we will gladly wait.

Alan said...

Take your time Mr West.

I really enjoy your Podcasts and I'm sure you next one will be worth the wait

All the best


Anonymous said...

John, it's an absolute disgrace that R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz 's genius is not recognised by the so-called academics.

They should be ashamed of themselves for even claiming to know a thing about ancient Egypt.

I suppose they like to pretend to themselves that they're protecting important secrets. I think I know what they think important secrets are: not teaching maths properly for example, so they can carry on pretending to be really clever, by practically using code-versions of how number should truly be regarded.

RJB said...

Do something. You haven't workd for how long? Considering taking a vacation "across the pond", was considering trip to Egypt. Won't be with you. You're not dependable. Considered paying subscriber fee - Why would I do that? You would just cash my check and give me nothing. Tired of waiting on a lazy charlatain!



>Do something. You haven't workd >for how long?

Actually, I do nothing but work, but in not very organized fashion.

>Considering taking a vacation >"across the pond", was considering >trip to Egypt. Won't be with you.

I think that may be a blessing, not altogether in disguise.

>You're not dependable.

About deadlines, no; about trips and other matters yes.

>Considered paying subscriber fee - >Why would I do that?

Oh, just for the hell of it, why not?

>You would just cash my check and >give me nothing. Tired of >waiting >on a lazy charlatain

'Lazy' is inaccurate; chaotic/inefficient would be more appropriate.

'Charlatan' calls for evidence of a rather specific sort. If you can provide it, I'll respond to it.

Meanwhile, you might want to access Graham Hancock's website, where I'm author of the month. Read my essay there and follow the tangle of threads provoked by it and you'll see what has been preoccupying me later.

Meanwhile, you haven't even provided me with your name, not that it would be recognizable. Hiding behind your initials, is a kind of anonymity, and anonymity is the first resort of cowards.

I don't blame you for being pissed off, but my books, dvd's, plays, essays, etc. will speak for me, and will continue speaking for me for decades to come.. What have you done that will speak for you? Ever?

John Anthony West

GIZA said...

Mr. JAW,

> but my books, dvd's, plays, essays, etc. will speak for me, and will continue speaking for me for decades to come.. What have you done that will speak for you? Ever?

Well said John!

Keep up the good work.

I'm still dreaming of winning the lottery so i can fund the geo-panel!

What do these guys waste their money on??!!


Liverpool, UK

Anonymous said...


I think the problem is that the people on internet blog time and Itunes tend to have a schedule on the order of maybe a week between new episodes (and got upset). But we all know that is hard to do unless you have the dedicated time and resources.

I won't complain. Keep up with your own personal schedule and thats all that counts.

Anonymous said...


I shall be chaotic, yet efficient, in saying thank you for rebutting Giza's remarks on my behalf of your behalf.

Best wishes.

Cosmic Claire said...

Hi John,

When you say 'soon', I take it in the way that Aslan says 'soon'. How does Aslan mean 'soon'? Aslan says 'I call all times 'soon' '.

And in the infinitude of reality and the Buddha nature of all things, all times *are* 'soon'!

Don't be so impatient rjb, all good things in all good time:-)

Thanks for all your work John!

Ronell said...

Take your time sweetness.It's like jsm says. Quality counts not quantity. And you, always deliver.You truly make my heart sing.

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Anonymous said...

re: RJB. well replied, JAWs.

Patiently Dave said...

I've been hearing about the supposed chamber below the Sphinx's paw for over three decades now. Is Zahi afraid that revealing the chamber will be the last geat Egyptian discovery or that it will reveal some truth to the world contrary to his opinion and understanding of Egyptian history? Also, what about the flooded tunnels in the Great Pyramid??? When will they be explored? This saga is loosing the audeience due to attrition from old age...

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